A Different Approach

Our practice is built around the European model. All patients are seen in the physician’s private office with a personalized service, to be later examined in an available exam room. The appointment concludes back in the physician’s office as he makes his pertinent recommendations. We don’t believe that proper care can be delivered in a small exam room; nor do we believe that the most important aspect of your life should be discussed on an exam table. Your care and satisfaction become our priority the minute you walk in. Time spent with patients is never limited nor is the accessibility to our physician at all times. Dr. Aquinin will not only walk you through results, but will take the time to explain the nature of the condition in a most detailed approach. Please call today to partake in an entirely different medical experience.

Respect for your time. Our No-Overbooking Guarantee

Having been exposed to all kinds of medical practices in his formation, Dr. Aquinin is in diametrical opposition to practices that don’t respect your time. The amount of daily appointments is limited in order to afford each patient their needed time; hence, your time is spent with Dr. Aquinin and not in a waiting area that’s filled to capacity. Our schedule does, however, allow blocked times for emergency visits on a daily basis as Dr. Aquinin is a firm believer in "not waiting until tomorrow".

Accessibility - Same day Availability

Our practice platform has been successful primarily due to the availability of care. Dr. Aquinin makes himself available at all times, without exception. You will be surprised to skip the usual directive of calling some third party recipient to discuss your concerns and instead dial Dr. Aquinin directly to his cell phone. Such continuity of care is also afforded to you if you are ever in need of hospitalization. Dr. Aquinin is on staff at many local South Florida hospitals and will guide your care during such hospitalization as well. Dr. Aquinin is well-regarded amongst his colleagues; our location is right at the heart of Mount Sinai Medical Center, and can therefore guide you to the doors of a specialist - often on a same - day basis.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Great care was taken in designing an office space that would allow you to feel the serenity that’s felt in a luxurious spa. From the moment you walk into our spacious office you will forget your location. We need you to feel absolutely comfortable in our premises in order for you to have the desired results. All diagnostic studies - including, but not limited to:

All conducted in our facility.

Electronic Medical Records with a Patient Portal Option

We believe that our care is best provided when implementing the use of electronic medical records. All our rooms are sourced with computers, and our practice is paperless. All your studies are incorporated into your electronic chart and as a result your information is never misplaced. Prescriptions are electronically transmitted to the pharmacy of your choice - thus limiting your waiting time in the pharmacy as well as unnecessary repeat visits. All your information is made available to you via our patient portal, and can be forwarded to any healthcare facility worldwide.

Reasonable Fees

In keeping with the philosophy of Dr Ronny Aquinin, we believe that the uninsured should pay similar fees to the reimbursements provided by most major insurances companies. It is unacceptable that competing practices often promote excessive charges to patients who are uninsured. Our fees are always comparable to current insurance plans; therefore, our patients are all treated equally. Your individual insurance will never be a deterrent to care as you will find that our fees are quite reasonable. Our kind secretaries will answer all your concerns at the time of booking, and will help you through the process of your journey into wellness.

House Call Doctor Miami Beach

Dr. Aquinin is dually trained in pediatrics and will be happy to make a house call to visit you or your ailing child. The practice of house visits is one that was commonly employed many years ago; however, it is of extreme importance to our current practice. The after -hours approach to care has been lately replaced by visits to the emergency room. The unfortunate result is one of saturated points of care that lead to the disruption of your morning-after activities. Avoid it all by scheduling a house visit with our physician. Hotel visits to family members or friends are also provided by Dr. Aquinin upon request. He offers urgent care and Pediatric visits upon request

Executive Exams

Often enough, schedules are prohibitive and the availability to come back to the office on numerous occasions to complete all necessary diagnostic testing becomes an impossibility. We will be happy to accommodate your visit and all pertinent diagnostic workup during the course of one morning or afternoon of your choice. A second and final visit will be additionally scheduled in order to carefully walk you through the results of all your tests and the relevant recommendations. In addition, if your care needed the opinion of one of our specialists, we would accommodate such an appointment during the same time frame.

Additional Specialties

Our state-of-the-art facility includes with additional specialties that carefully adhere to our practice model.